The END GBVF is a campaign started by the Empire Partner Foundation aimed at using a technology-based approach to tackling and combating GBV-F.

About Us

The Empire Partner Foundation is a non-profit organization that was started by a group of young South Africans. The goal is to build South Africa, and eventually the continent of Africa, by solving 10 key challenges through technology.

One of the 10 key challenges is Safety and Security. The challenges that we have seen that affect the Safety and Security of or citizens is, inadequate support to victims of crime, and a rise in gender-based violence and femicide cases. Our focus is, therefore, gender-based violence, femicide and related crimes. Described as South Africa’s “second pandemic” by President Cyril Ramaphosa, gender-based violence and femicide in South Africa is still increasing at an alarming rate making it one of the world’s most unsafe places for women.

As EPF, we have hosted Hackathons and events to create awareness and empower the youth to design innovative solutions to address the challenge. Additionally, we have partnered with Afri-tec, a locally based technology company, to address the gender-based violence and femicide concern by developing a mobile app.

In addition, EPF has capacitated a tech hub team which has, in collaboration with Afri-tec, designed and is currently building a national crime database encompassing GBV-F. The national crime database will become an engagement platform that works to empower victims and to use the support of the shared network. We are collecting accurate, credible, national reporting of GBV-F and crime data which can be used for resource allocation.


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Afr-Tec Technologies

Afri-Tec's technology is intuitive, quickly and easily tailored for specific business needs, and is poised for future growth.

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Joe Slovo Foundation

Inspired by Joe Slovo’s legacy, the Foundation’s primary purposes are towards building resilient communities utilising a ‘Sustainable Livelihoods Approach’ and on the entitlement of Human Rights especially Women’s Rights as per Joe’s good friend Nelson Mandela. The Joe Slovo Foundation is the power behind White Ribbon South Africa – ending Violence and Abuse against Women and Girls (VAWG)

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Elizabeth Walk

Firmament itself rule their evening, which moved very night so great them cattle bearing and gathered forth had whose bearing.

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Kathorus Development

KDC was created to grow and develop township entrepreneurs and communities in different contexts and stages in their lifecycles. KDC is a genuine business incubator and consulting development company. Our consultations are tailor made to the business and entrepreneur that we are dealing with and assisting.

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Mudzi Marketing

We Ensure our extensive knowledge and practical experience in the South African emerging market sector is used to entrench the supply of brands and services to all consumers no matter what their status.

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Kuhluka Movmement

Directed at combating the violation of womens rights. We understand the psycholohical impact of Gender-based Violence


Afri-Tec Alert Saftey App

Empire Partner Foundation has partnered with Afri-Tec Technologies to address GBV-F. Afri-Tec is a South African based technology company based in Sandton which offers locally developed and secured solutions. Our engagement resulted in Afri-Tec adding GBV-F safety related features which is provided free to users.

The App has the following specific features:
  • It enables a victim or a person witnessing a victim to alert their trusted circle
  • Live location, contact and other details are immediately available to the trusted circle
  • The trusted circle can include an infinite number of people
  • The app has specific gender-based violence features and resources

National Crime Database

We are working in collaboration with the Joe Slovo Foundation to build a National Crime Database. The goal is to have more accurate data on GBV-F through an anonymized database and to collect accurate, credible, national reporting of GBV-F and crime data which can be used for resource allocation.

911 Call Center

We are establishing a 911 call center which will contribute to swifter response and action to GBV-F and violent crimes.







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